Robyn Katherine Richi

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I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t being creative. If you ask my mother I’m sure she’ll tell you she spent years cleaning up teeny, tiny, scraps of paper I’d cut into oblivion to make my special little productions. I have been known to stay up late into the night creating costumes for plays, making puppets, and writing short stories that have found praise from many a dust bunny in the bottom of a drawer. I have always loved to perform and sing as well, but drawing has always held that one passionate, constant place in my heart. We traveled a lot when I was young and a drawing pad and pencil traveled well without taking up too much room. I love pencil simple because it can create the finest detail and give the closest illusion of being real. It’s also the easiest drawing utensil to ask for when you’re out somewhere and have nothing else to use. I am not school trained; I’ve never taken lessons, I am more of a trial and error sort of artist. (Again, if you consult my parents they’ll confirm this under the category of “hitting my head against the wall”)

The subject matter in this particular collection being shown in my gallery now was created from another love of mine. I have always swayed toward the mystical side of things. Far off places with their legends and magic have always appealed to me. Fairies’ and pixies’ have always held my attention and sparked my imagination. This element of science fiction/fantasy has worked really well for me. The rules are different. People have wings and magic potions fix problems with a simple swallow. Things don’t always have to be perfect. My art work fell into this genre after a situation occurred in my life causing me the need to create a safe, friendly place for a very special person that I love. In the future I am sure the subject matter will change but for right now this has been the core of my work for the last few years. I have done commission work, and I also have work done quite a bit of tattoo flash for clientele.

Thank you so much for checking out the website. I hope you have enjoyed stopping by and looking as much as I have loved drawing the collection. I hope it inspires you and at the very least makes you smile. The ladies of ‘Olivia’s Garden’ are indeed a colorful sort who love to create joy and spread comfort to all of those who come into contact with them.